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Hey everyone, get hype for the first ARK roleplay base building contest!

We’re hosting a building contest next weekend on GamingRP’s ARK roleplay server. Come and join up and build some amazing RP bases. These can utilize any of the building mods we’ve enabled on the server, as well as use any of the default items. We’re hoping to see some epic designs, and will highlight some of them in a later post.

As you are all “test subjects” on the island, it’s possible that you’ll be rewarded for your efforts – as you’ve been rewarded for doing other tasks.

If you have any questions about the contest, or want to get in a group to do it, head over to the forums. You are free to make notes in game asking about tribes at the community center, tavern, or any sky bank location. (just open the vault and drop a note into the appropriate bin!)



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