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Our Ark Server rules:

Community Rules:

  1. Please be respectful of all players on the server. Personal attacks OOC will not be tolerated.
  2. You must be truthful in reports. Lying will result in harsher punishments.
  3. You are only allowed on forum account please do not make more than one. If you have multiple people in the same household please contact staff.
  4. Be mature. This is a mature gaming community please make sure that your names, images, and behavior in the community is such.

General Server Rules:

  1. No cheating is allowed. This is defined as behavior that would get you banned from official servers (such as hacking, scripts, etc)
  2. Be a responsible player, and keep it fun for everyone. No racism, sexism, excessive profanity, etc.
    1. Anything that breaks the Twitch Code of Conduct or Terms of Service is prohibited, as we support streaming!
  3. Items above ramshackle quality must be reported & turned in to the bank for a handsome reward! We do not expect this to happen, but if we missed something please report!
  4. Please do not play music or noises onto the server unless everyone there is okay with it.
  5. Roleplaying is our priority. If you are using an external service to chat with other players and someone approaches you to RP you must mute it(we recommend that you set up an hotkey for this).
  6. You may age your character once per season and only may age them older never younger.
  7. Children characters must start their name with [age] so there is no confusion. For example [11] Bob.
  8. If you are talking on a radio you must also either repeat what you are saying IG if people are around or make it apparent that you are whispering so people can at least acknowledge you have spoken to someone else.
  9. You cannot hear people through walls unless windows or doors directly to the room are open.

Multiple Account Rules:

  1. You are allowed to have up to two characters.
  2. You are not allowed to share information between characters. This includes in-game methods such as “discovering” a note or being in the same tribe. We encourage you to find all possible ways to not have the characters involved in the same RP.
  3. Transferring items between characters or intentionally through an intermediary to a separate character is not permitted.
  4. You cannot have both characters in the game at the same time as it provides an unfair advantage.

Roleplay Rules:

  1. When using radio, please try to not use emoticons, or shortened text (such as “lol”).
  2. You must value your life.
    1. Please be realistic about your actions. A person in cloth should not be trying to kill a rex with a sword, a single person would not confront violently multiple armed men, etc.
    2. You are not invincible and some type of caution or fear must be shown against threats such as large dinos.
  3. No metagaming.
    1. This includes but is not limited to using tribe logs, steam names, spyglass for tribe name/character name, etc for RP.
    2. If it isn’t something you found out IC then you shouldn’t know it!
  4. No powergaming
    1. *I hold you down, and you can’t escape* is prohibited. You should attempt to allow someone else to interact to your RP, such as “*tries to hold you down*”
  5. Do not speak out of character when using any in game communication methods.
    1. If you are having an issue with microphone or some minor bug in game that interrupts RP, please use // in front of local chat only, but keep it to a minimum.
  6. When you are unconscious you should not be talking IC or giving OOC info.
  7. If you accidentally speak into the radio it is considered that you accidentally do this and there is no taking it back! Please be careful!
  8. Anime hair, inhuman character models, or unrealistic skin items are not allowed.
  9. You are allowed to age your character once per season.

Class Rules:

We have a class system which encourages RP between characters. You may choose one red class and one purple or 3 purple classes. You can also choose less classes and learn them as you get IG.

Each of the classes can enable you to take certain actions and enables you to build certain items. Actions which are part of a class are restricted to that class unless otherwise specified.

For example, a metalworker would be able to build a metal wall, but anyone who is not a metalworker is disallowed from doing so, and would need to seek out a metalworker in game to get those items through trade or force.

Building Rules:

  1. Turrets that are outdoors must be set to a maximum of medium, with a 4 second warning, unless set to “Wild Only”
  2. Tribes are limited to 2 platform saddles.
  3. Try to not build in places that block popular resource spawns [wood/stone do not count].
  4. Try not to build excessively large structures (use as few building pieces as you can!) as this can cause the server to lag.
  5. Do not build where it blocks a beacon or drop from other players.
  6. Each tribe is allowed one outpost that much be significantly smaller than their main tribe building unless you are solo in which case you do not get an outpost.
  7. Must follow class rules.

Tribe & Dino Limits:

  1. Tribes are limited to 15 members.
  2. Dino limits are as follows:
    1. Each player may have 5 dinos, unless their class permits more.
    2. Each tribe may have an additional 5 farming dinos
      1. Solo tribes would have 10 dinos.
      2. Non-solo tribes would have 5 farming + 5 per member.
  3. Must follow class rules.

PVP & Raiding Rules:

General PVP & Raiding Rules:

  1. Harassment is never allowed. This includes, but is not limited to
    1. Repeated raids in short succession
    2. Taking a hostage and keeping them captive for more than 2 hours unless they are part of a group you are actively pvping with, unless agreement is made out of character.
  2. Griefing is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to dropping wild dinos into a base, or dropping diseased animals/bodies into a base, etc.
  3. In order to kill someone, you must have a RP reason, and give them a demand and consequence that they are able to meet.
    1. For example “Give me your hide so that I can make some clothes out of it, or I’ll take it by force!
    2. Once gaining kill rights, you have them for 2 hours.
    3. Remember that combat is meant to add to the experience of other players, and should be enriching RP.
    4. Your demand must also be reasonable and you must give them adequate time to respond(minimum of a couple of seconds). You can’t asking someone to do something they physically cannot do.
    5. You must be present during the RP scenario to gain kill rights. Additional members may only take part of PVP if they come and do an initiation themselves. (Must have an in-game RP reason to come there in the first place, not “accidentally” wander across the situation.)
  4. After a raid, a note must be placed in an storage box, crafting station, etc letting them know who raided them using a clue & what they took.
    1. Example clue: “some black paint is rubbed off on the corner, it looks like cementing paste and armor is missing” leading someone to know that the thief was using black armor.
    2. This is an out of character mechanic that leads to RP with those characters.
  5. Your tribe can raid 3 tribes per week.
    1. Please send an admin a summary of the raid, and links to screenshots, tribe logs, etc after raiding.
  6. No killing passive dinos, but knocking out is allowed.
    1. A dino is considered not considered passive if it has been used recently as part of combat.
      1. Part of combat means deliberately using it as cover, using it to block an entrance, using it to attack, etc.
      2. Using a dino as transport to come to, or flee from combat does not count as part of combat.
  7. Intentionally excessive damage will result in a ban. Use an appropriate tool to minimize damage, such as metal tools for wood, C4 for stone, C4 or rockets for metal, etc.
  8. Stealing notes left after a raid is not allowed.
  9. During PVP situations you cannot be talking OOC or IC using things that are not IC voice chat or IC text chat.
  10. If someone has kill rights on you, you must stay online for at least one hour from breaking sight of the victim so the victim can use his or her rights.
  11. If you are being attacked you may not just log off to avoid the situation.
  12. The community center may not be demolished, damaged, or destroyed.

New Life Rules: 

  1. You are disallowed from going back to the spot of death for 15 minutes if you die with others around unless invited back. Your loot is free to grab by someone else if they happen upon it.
  2. Your character forgets all RP events leading up to their death and does not know their killer, and instead awakens to know that they were injured.
  3. You can either return to the area of your injury if invited or RP that you were returned to your bed and decide if you are injured or not.
  4. The first 3 times, you die as part of an RP scenario the people who control the island will heal you fully (although your character does not know this so you must still value your life) after that you must have someone with the medical skill help heal you or you must RP a minor injury or death.
    1. If you are injured 15 times within a season (even if you are healed) you must seriously and permanently injure or kill your character. It is up to you but it must be more than just getting a scar.