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You find a crumpled up paper with dark ink balled up in your hand as you awake face first in the sand, it reads:

Vices. Desires. Everyone has them even if they don’t want to admit it.

Fret not because we know yours and that is why we brought you here. You see we’ve been watching you for some time…of course to us it was no time at all but that’s for another time. And who are we might you ask? Call us what you will but we are the ones who pull the strings around here. We are the reason you are even here. I suppose the next question you’ll ask is where is here? Here is an island of our choosing. Yes there are multiple and yes we can transport you to another if we so choose.

The current island that you are located on is called Antillia. Welcome! You have been released into project Orion as part of test group A12. There are other islands similar to these where people just like yourself are currently living! Of course the different methods of obtaining subjects varies so they weren’t all brought into our project the same way you were if they’re from previous groups. Some of your current neighbors were actually part of previous test groups on another island and we’ve chosen to relocate them for various reasons and some have even been born within our project!

Over your course of time in our project you will be given assignments. Choose to complete them or not it’s up to you. But just realize less than satisfactory performance on this island can lead to relocation or even death.

P.S. by the time you’re reading this something is likely trying to eat you so you best run! Oh and don’t mind that little rock in your arm you’ll need it!

The island is rich with history of survivors from various times and islands. People seem to have been brought to the island from way far back in the past as well from the future or even other islands. Some people even seem to claim they are from the same year but have different memories of that time…perhaps different universes? One thing that is for sure is everyone brought to the islands are human and from Earth although some have histories most people seem to have never heard of which makes us question when or where exactly they came from. Oddly enough to most survivors they can name places and items that are used in their universe but rather just have weird histories or countries or even cultures that are unheard of. These variations are heavily seen on people from far into the future although they all seem to be around 100 years past 2017 and have very similar technology levels. Perhaps some of the more interesting survivors to talk to are survivors who claim they were on a different island previously and have whole histories or stories about what happened to them before washing up here.

The implant in your arm is perhaps another peculiar piece of technology. It’s powers appear to be quite varied. Although some people claim to speak a separate language it seems like it translates everything into one common language as everyone here can understand each other. Another extremely useful aspect of this implant is it seems to count as storage but in a peculiar way for most. People can store items into it and materialize them back into the world by accessing the implant but while they are stored they seem to just evaporate into thin air. Most think this is why the implant allows inhuman strength and allows people to carry more. Although it does vary person to person how much they can carry and seems to be linked with how much that person practices with holding weight within their implant.

Other things appear to be quite odd as well. People have noted that they experience near death situations and their memory is quite hazy afterward about the incident and yet they awake in their bed at home. Most rumor that the things who control the island do sometimes step in and relocate an injured people to their home or random spots around the island. Sometimes fully healing them other times just relocating them to an unspecified location without healing them so they still need medical attention. When this happens their stuff is simply left behind and they are transported completely itemless. And oddly enough sometimes they appear to just leave the injured where they are at. No one knows why they choose to help those when they do but it seems to happen occasionally.

And lastly most survivors are unsure if this is relate to their implant but it appears aging is much slower on the islands that usual. Some people within the islands do age quicker that most and it is even said that a if you go to an obelisk you can force yourself to age sporadically. 

Note: Characters can be from both the past and the future and from different universes so you can make up your own cultures and history but would still know most items and places.